Water Series
A selection of new work.


Purchased by the Aigantighe Art Musuem, Timaru, for their permanent collection.

29 (Just Sold)
In memory of the twenty-nine miners who lost their lives in the Pike River Disaster on 19th November, 2010. An accident waiting to happen is not an accident.

Jade Pebbles (Just Sold)


Untitled 3 (Just Sold)

Abacus Series
I am using the symbolism of the early abacuses, man's oldest calculator. I include rock piles in reference to the original pebbles in the sand of the early abacus and to portray the way we calculate the value of water.

Gold, Diamonds and Water

Lake Edge (Just Sold)

Around Water (Just Sold)

Reverence (Just Sold)
1100x710 mm

Part of the blue planet(Just Sold)

Levels Mini 2
505x350 mm

910x645 mm

And a Blue Whale
900x300 mm


Unadulterated II

Reservoir 2

Great Southern Land (Just Sold)

1280x315 mm

Condoning Care
1100x300 mm

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